The linear arrangement of sound transducers creates a much better acoustic impression than conventional loudspeakers when carefully tuned. This arrangement of transducers creates a cylindrical wave in the near-field range, whereas a spherical wave develops in the far-field range. The result is a stronger alignment of the sound signal in the vertical spatial direction.

This bundling of the sound signal means that the floor and ceiling are less exposed to sound. Especially in rooms with high sound pressure levels, there are fewer undesirable reflections, which disturb the sound image sensitively and unpleasantly. In addition to the high quality of the sound transducers, the prevention of reflection leads to a crystal-clear acoustic room impression over the full frequency range.

A prerequisite for optimum hearing quality with this arrangement of transducers is sufficient distance between the listener and the source. The listening distance should be at least 2 meters.

  • Linear arrangement
  • Cylindrical wave in the near-field range
  • Spherical wave in the far-field range
  • Less annoying reflections